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Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

Pictured - Isabel Province community media project

New Dawn FM, Buka, PNG

Pictured - Workshop on introducing mobiles into learning for development, Buka, PNG, May 2011

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Radio can be a very powerful tool for community and socio-economic development as it has the power to reach a wide audience and deliver content in accessible formats, for instance using local languages. Community-based radio takes this concept further, through the involvement of the community in the management of the facility and the production of radio programmes. Communities hosting such facilities can partner with organisations to produce educational and informative radio content that supports priority development themes, for instance youth and women’s development, farming and livelihoods, civic education, environment and conservation, and reducing vulnerability to natural disasters.

Pictured: The new Kleio table-top micro-FM radio system

Since 2009 we have been International Partners of the Commonwealth of Learning in their "Healthy Communities" programme, and have supported community media development in Solomon Islands and PNG.This project introduced a unique methodology for participatory radio programming development using digital media.

When genuine participatory community radio is married with networking and digital content sharing, the impacts and their reach can be amplified further. The new digital media marries very well with radio. Content can be recorded and edited locally and shared easily with a wide variety of means including mobile and other networks.

Solomon Islands Rural Link are agents for In-A-Box Innovations. The FM Radio-In-A-Box solution designed by Rukmin Wijemanne and developed through UNESCO is the latest evolution in low-cost, user-friendly FM broadcast technology designed specifically with these development-oriented applications in mind. Each unit comes in a reinforced flight case, and is equipped with mixing console for analogue and digital audio, 30W or 100W transitter, laptop computers installed with audio editing and broadcast software, antenna and is fully "ready to go" (mast not included - we can help with that too, and solar power design and supply to meet your needs.

In order to leverage this technology towards specific development objectives, training and capacity building for all partners involved is essential. We can provide a complete supply and support solution for organisations and programmes wishing to partner with communities in the establishment of FM radio, including supply and support of Radio-In-A-Box technology, training for participatory content development and digital audio production, networking, partner coordination and project management. The company also have expertise in innovative rural power solutions to support the broadcast facilities.


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