Official Opening of the Distance Learning Centres Project
Education Sector Investment and Reform Programme
Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

Solomon Islands

A welcome speech on behalf of the College was given by Diocesan Bishop Kuper, who thanked the Ministry and EU for locating the centre at Pamua and hoped the students would use it wisely. Other speeches were given on behalf of the Ministry, the community and the school. All emphasized that the centre would be targeting everyone in the community and not merely the formal sector. The visitors were then given an outline of the project and tour of the site by the Project Manager.

The Distance Learning Centres Project was formally launched on the 19th July at St. Stephen’s Community College, Pamua, Makira Ulawa Province, by a team from the Education Sector Investment and Reform Programme which conducted the field trip component of the Annual Joint Review.

St. Stephen’s is the site of the centre to be established in Makira Province, and was selected for the launching because it is an ideal example of a partnership in education between the formal school, the Rural Training College and the community. It will also be the first centre to be completed, and will be used as an exhibition site to set a good example for the other centres to follow.

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