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The workshop was intended to raise awareness of these systems as a potential way for education providers to deliver DE, and included hands-on sessions to demonstrate their ease of use. The workshop also aimed to test some specific LMSs and course authoring tools that had been identified, evaluated and installed on the DLCP server by the project before the workshop.

The evaluation is included in this report. The recommendation for a general purpose “enterprise” LMS solution is ATutor, with a second alternative Moodle. Both are open source packages, free to download and use, widely used and supported. The evaluation considered and largely concurred with independent evaluations of LMS by Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) and University of the South Pacific’s Distance and Flexible Learning Centre (USP DFLC).

The project has also deployed a collaborative learning platform with whiteboard and audio conferencing, and is collaborating with other organisations to provide access to other platforms such as the Collaborative Cyber Community of the National Sun-Yat Sen Cyber University of Taiwan.

The Solomon Islands Course Server and conferencing tools can be found at http://www.schoolnet.net.sb

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A workshop was held on June 15th 2005, by the Distance Learning Centres Project, to introduce Learning Management Systems (LMS) and electronic course authoring tools to senior strategists and technical officers of domestic education providers.

LMS are server-based software systems that enable distance education providers to administer courses and students over the Internet, and students to access courses and interact with tutors and fellow students in support of the learning process.

Course authoring tools are software packages that can be used to transfer course material electronic format. They often support interactive and graphical content and publishing in various formats for computer-based training (i.e. on CD) or distance and flexible learning (i.e. for delivery over the Internet).


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