St. Stephen's Distance Learning Centre,
Makira Ulawa Province
Distance Learning Centres Project
Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

Solomon Islands

Avis Mamau, Supervisor of St. Stephen's DLC.
avis.mamau @

Champion Teacher, Castro Muaki:
castro.muaki @

General email for Pamua: pamua @
General email for Nukukaisi: nukukaisi @

St. Stephen's Community College is situated on the north coast of Makira Island, about 1 hour's canoe ride from Kirakira. It consists of Pamua National Secondary School, Pamua Primary School and St. Stephen's Rural Training College. There are about 460 secondary school students in six forms and over 100 RTC students.

Avis is a graduate of USP with several years teaching experience, mostly at Pirupiru school on his home island of Ulawa, where he doubled as a PFnet email station operator and USP sub-centre coordinator.
Location of St. Stephen's College GPS coords: 10.4112S 161.746E (WGS84) Read article about opening in PFnet News
Workshop held on eLearning strategy for TVET (Oct 2006)

Photographs of the site September 10th 2006 - the centre is now online.

Entrance. The DLC is situated on the ground floor on right.
View from the main coastal road, facing west.
View from north. The upper floor are classrooms, funded by AusAid.
Bottom right is a NZAid funded library
The 2.4m C-band VSAT equipment supplied by Shiron via Solomon Telekom.
Students being briefed about their new Internet connection.
Awareness for Elders and Chiefs
TVET teachers learning how to access the UNESCO teachers of the future
community website for Pacific Islands teachers
Miri Taqu, Head Teacher of Vanga College and Herry Kenny, Principal of Batuna RTC learning
how to make powerpoint presentations and give audio conferences over the Internet
Form 6 students inspecting the learning centre.
The learning centre during unpacking of the equipment.
DLC Supervisor Avis Mamau demonstrating searching for information on the Internet.
This is the first time for many, to see the Internet.
A demonstration of an interactive tuition platform, with Brisbane-based academic Laurence Quinlivin, to demonstrate an interactive session over the Internet involving Whiteboard, shared web browsing with video and audio conferencing. The plaform is hosted by the National Sun-Yat Sen University of Taiwan.
10x125W panels capable of providing up to 6500Wh of power on a sunny day
Solar with back up charger installed by Willies Electrical and Solar Ltd. of Honiara.

Opening of project, July 2005

Official opening of DLCP July 05


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