Locations of the Distance Learning Centres Project
Distance Learning Centres Project
Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

Solomon Islands

Approved sites for the learning centres
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The Site Selection Proceedure

The locations of the centres were selected by a Site Selection Committee, chaired by the Ministry of Education and with representation from other stakeholders. Only community schools were considered. The committee short-listed schools from each province using criteria based on the strength of community participation, population, existing demand for distance education, potential utilisation and linkages and other factors. Expert local advice concerning sustainability of rural ICT was provided by PFnet.

A questionnaire was then sent out to each candidate school, allowing them to make their own case and to demonstrate their awareness and commitment. These were then considered by the committee and a final recommendation was made to the Ministry. The locations above are the successful sites, which have been approved by the Ministry.

The project is nethertheless a pilot, and if successful, it is hoped that the network will grow. We invite any potential donors and partners to contact us regarding the expansion of the network. Such rural ICT networking is expected to create synergy and we would welcome partnerships involving other applications that are enabled as a result.



Distance Learning Centres Project
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