A Note of Thanks from the Authors

This curriculum would have remained just another idea had it not been for the help, encouragement, and support of many individuals.  Firstly and lastly we would like to thank Fr. David Galvin who befriended and inspired us and used his red pen with wisdom and compassion.  He is truly the Father of Solomon Island beekeeping.

Thank you to Linda McMillan, Curriculum Development Officer and Peter King, the original Project Manager of the European Union/ Rural Training Centres Project for the idea and the support to carry it through, and to Linda in particular for her painstaking editing.  Thanks also to Louisa Fakaia, the current Project Manager who remained supportive of project and ensured that there was time and facilities to complete the writing and editing.

Thanks to the European Union from whom the funding for travel and testing came.

Honey Co-op manager, placement partner, and RTC supporter Dove Sale who provided much needed flexibility, allowing us the time to spend on this somewhat unplanned project.  Acknowledgement and thanks to CUSO Canada for supporting and encouraging this project.

Thanks to Bishop Terry Brown of Malaita and the staff and students of Airahu Rural Training Centre for welcoming us into their lives and communities, and for helping us figure out how to make the curriculum work.  We acknowledge the contributions made by the staff and beekeepers at many other Rural Training Centres and Farmers’ Schools, and have incorporated many of their ideas and suggestions into the finished manual.  Thanks to the students of Vanga Point Teachers’ College for helping us turn the manuals into effective tools for teachers and students to use.  Special thanks to Charlie Pervae beekeeping instructor and to the brothers at St. Dominic’s RTC for helping us to understand what “learning by doing” is all about.

A final acknowledgement and thank you to Simon Manie, beekeeper and friend who taught us much that we needed to know about keeping bees in the Solomon Islands.

And a special thank you to Michael Lowe and Franz Arentz from the Community Sector Program of AusAID who had the insight and vision to ensure that this manuscript, nearly three years in the making, was not left sitting on a shelf unpublished.  This book was produced and printed with the assistance of Aus AID through the Community Sector program. 

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