Illustration Credits

1. Beekeeping.  Curriculum Development Centre, Department of Education and Human Resources. 1999.

Topic 1: p. 5  Straw Hive (p6).

Topic 2: p.9 Trigona & Apis mellifera. (p.8),  p.10  External Parts of a Worker Bee, (p. 15), p.13 The Internal Parts of a Worker Bee. (p16)

Topic 11: p. 60 A pupa infected with Sac Brood (p.46)


2. Peter Hardie and Kathleen Cooper. CUSO Volunteers with the Solomon Island Honey Producers Cooperative Association. 2004.

Topic 2: p. 9 Trigona bush bee.

Topic 3: p.16 Hive stand Pictures, p.17 Wiring Frames, and a Frame of Wax Comb, p.18 Rice Bag,        p. 18 Inner Cover, P.19 Coconut Husk Smoker, P.19 Hive Blanket.

Topic 4: p. 22 Bee yard in Auki, p.22 Bee yard near Buala, p.23 Types of Bee Yards, p.25 How to Look Inside Your Hive

Topic 6: p.32 Queen Cells,

Topic 7: p.35 A Nuc Box,  p.36 Moving Hives on Ramos and by Solomon Air, p38 &39 Finding the Queen Series

Topic 9: p.49 A frame of Honey & a Frame Not Ready.

Topic 10: p. 50 Brushing Bees.  P.51 Sister Uncaps a Frame, P.53 Bottling Honey, P.55 Honey Display

Topic 11: p. 65 Entrance Reducer

Topic 12: p. 62 Swarm, P. 64 Swarm Cells, P.64 Bee Beard

Topic 13: p. 68 Splitting a Hive, P.70 Caged Queen

Topic 14: p. 73 Uniting


3. David Argument. CUSO Volunteer with the Tetepare Descendants Association. 2005.

Topic 2: p.10 Apis cerana & Apis mellifera pictures.

Topic 7: p. 35 Good Brood Pattern, p.39 The Queen

Topic 11: p.56 Cane Toad eating bees, P.58 Ant Attack,  p.59 Apis cerana


4. Life of the Honeybee. W. Sinclair. A Ladybird Natural History Book. 1969

Topic 2: p. 12 Wax Glands,  p.14 Antennae Touching

Topic 5: p. 28 Foraging, P.29 Bee Dances

Topic 6: p. 31 Honeybee Life Stages

Topic 12: p. 63 Swarm Illustration


5. Bees and Honey. Editorial Consultants Oxford Scientific Films. G wizard Publications LTD. 1976

Topic 2: p. 14 Worker bee with Pollen Baskets

Topic 5: p. 29 Bee Dance activity


6. How to Start Bee Farming in the Solomon Islands. Rex Ramoiau. Lincoln International and the Solomon Island Honey Producers Cooperative Association. 1999.

Topic 3: p. 15 Parts of a Beehive (p.10), P.16 Hive Stand Illustration (p.13), P.17 Bottom Bar and Frame put Together (p.11), P.18 Bee Suit (p.19), P.19 Smoker (p.14), P.19 Hive tools (p.15)

Topic 7: p.37 Transferring a nuc (p.33)

Topic 10: p. 50 Uncapping a Frame (p.44)

Topic 12: p. 66 Catching a Swarm (p.56), P. 66 Putting a Swarm in a Hive (p.57)

Topic 13: p. 68 & 69 Splitting a Hive (p.62)

Topic 14: p. 73 Uniting Illustration(p.58)


7. Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand. Andrew Matheson. GP Publications LTD. 1993

Topic 3: p. 16 Bee Space.

Topic 5: p. 27 Types of Bees


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Topic 3: p.19 Boy with Smoker


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Topic 4: p.25 Frame Turning


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Topic 6: p.32 Flat capped worker brood and raised drone brood, p.32 Queen cells on the bottom of a frame

Topic 7: p. 35 Spotty Brood Pattern

Topic 11: p.57 Wax Moth damage, P.58  Varroa Mite on drone pupa

Topic 15: p. 77 Laying Worker Eggs


11. Beekeeping in the Tropics. P. Segreren. AGRODOCK 32. 1991.

Topic 10: p.51 An Extractor, P. 52 Spooning Honey & Pressing Honey, p. 52 Using a press,

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