Topic Five - The Honey Bee Family

Preknowledge; Interesting fact
The queen bee and the drone bees (males) in a colony cannot feed themselves; the worker bees have to feed them.

  1. To learn the 3 kinds of honeybees found in a colony.
  2. To learn what is the same and what is different about the 3 kinds of honeybees
  3. To learn the jobs of the 3 kinds of bees in a beehive
  4. To identify and name the 3 kinds of bees when looking in a bee hive
  5. To learn some of the flowers bees use to make honey and some that they do NOT use
  6. To be able to approach and open a hive correctly, and to remove and handle a frame carefully and correctly

Key Words:

Queen – She is the mother of all of the bees in a colony. The queen is female. There is only one queen in each colony, and she lays all of the eggs.

Workers - the female bees (not the queen) that do all the work in the hive.  Most of the bees in a colony are workers.

Drone - the male bees in the colony. They are bigger than worker bees and fatter than the queen.

Forage – to look for and collect or gather nectar and pollen

iDevice icon Reflection: Questions to think about during the lesson
Why do you think a colony needs a lot of worker bees?
iDevice icon Reflection: Questions to think about during the lesson
Which kind of bee do you think is the most important to the colony?  Why?  Is there a kind of bee that the colony doesn’t need?
iDevice icon Reflection: Questions to think about during the lesson
Have you seen bees collecting nectar and pollen from flowers?  Which flowers?

This quiz is not for marks but for your own interest. You may not know many (if any) of the answers. This quiz is to be rewritten at the end of the topic to see how much you have learned.

Beekeeping Quiz

How much do you already know about bees?

  1. What are the three kinds of honeybees in a colony?
  2. Which kind of bee collects nectar and pollen?
  3. Which kind of bee can’t sting?
  4. How many queens are there in one hive?
  5. Drone bees are which sex (gender)?


It may help you to organize your notes in a chart.  Write this chart in your exercise book and then add the information as you discuss it in class.

Three Kinds of Bees, Their Characteristics and Jobs













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