Why is the Solomon Islands a Good Place to Keep Bees?

  1. You don’t need a lot of land to keep bees. Beehives can be put on “rubbish” land, field edges, or close to your house. 
  2. The Solomon Islands has many wild forests, trees, plants, and gardens where honeybees can find flowers.  Honeybees collect nectar from these flowers and make it into honey.  We can’t use the nectar in the flowers ourselves.  We can use the honey that the bees make from the nectar
  3. While visiting flowers to collect nectar and pollen, bees pollinate plants.  This helps the plants make more and better seeds, fruit, nuts, and vegetables.  Bees help make food in two ways.  First, the honey itself is good food.  Second, when the bees visit the flowers in your garden they help your crops to grow better. 
  4. Honeybees can make a lot of honey from wild forests.  Beekeeping is a good reason to not cut down all of the trees. 
  5. The weather in the Solomon Islands is good for beekeeping because the bees can make honey all year.  
  6. Honeybees in the Solomon Islands do not have many pests and diseases. The bees are healthy. This means beekeepers do not need to use any medicine for their bees. 
  7. In some places in the world people use a lot of pesticides (chemicals) in their gardens. These pesticides can get mixed with the honey that the bees make. The honey in the Solomon Islands is clean and pure because people do not use a lot of chemicals in their gardens. 
  8. Honey does not spoil quickly like fish or fruit.  If it is stored well, it can be kept for a long time.  It should be kept in an airtight container, in the shade or in a cool place. 
  9. You do not need to feed and water your bees. They can feed themselves.
  10. Beekeeping helps you learn many different skills such as carpentry, business, marketing and food processing. 
  11. Beekeeping is something the whole family can help with. There are many different jobs that someone in your family can do. They can make the boxes, harvest and sell the honey, or look after the bees. 
  12. You do not need to have a lot of hives to be a beekeeper. Some people only keep one or two hives near their gardens. But beekeeping can grow to be a large business with hundreds of beehives if you want. 
  13. Beekeepers like to talk about beekeeping with other beekeepers.  They sometimes form associations where they can share their ideas and get advice about bee problems. 
  14. Most of the things that beekeepers need for their business can be made in the Solomon Islands.  
  15. Other businesses can be started because of beekeepers.  People in the Solomon Islands have
  16. started businesses to make and sell hive boxes, veils, smokers, and hive tools. 
  17. The honey and wax that bees produce can be used to make other things like candles, soap, sweet drinks, and other processed foods.  Making these things can become new businesses. 
  18. Solomon Islanders have kept bees for a long-time so many people know how to do it. 
  19. Beekeeping is fun!

 Interview a beekeeper in the area (or your school beekeeper) to find out the reasons he or she keeps bees. Be prepared to share your findings with the class.

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