Community radio education project, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands (click for more info)

Participatory media

Community Media services

Community broadcasting

FM broadcast
systems and training for local and community broadcasting.
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In-A-Box Innovations

Workshop in Buka, Bougainville, on mobiles for learning

Mobile devices for Learning
How Mobile technology can be used to support learning for development, rural e-data collection and other applications


In A Box Innovations

Pactel International

Rural Link, NZ, Website

Leeming International Consulting, P.O. Box 652, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Tel: (677) 747-6396

Leeming International Consulting

Communication for Development
ICT for Education, Community Media, ICT4D, Research

Solar and Rural Electrification

PFnet (2000-2007)
People First Network
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DLCP (2005-8)
Distance Learning Centres Project
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Connecting, training,
enabling, empowering

Classroom in a box
One Laptop Per Child OLPC
Tablets, apps, school servers
ICT for teaching and learning

View Youtube OLPC in Nauru 2009

Solar4Schools (UNICEF)
Improving learning environment in Solomon Islands primary schools

Communications for Development
C4D Workshop, Isabel Province

Training resource for Pacific Islands investigative journalists and media professionals

Health Learning with
Community Radio
Community radio education project, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands (click for more info)
Isabel Youth Learning Network
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Marovo Learning Network
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Solar power design for remote areas, off-grid, communications
facilities and schools

VSAT Project Management
Coordinating installation of 2.4m VSAT at ANZ Bank branches with partners in 5 Pacific Islands countries

(Solomons & Cook Islands shown)
Connecting ANZ Solomon Islands to their global network with 2.4m VSAT

See Commonwealth of Learning Learning4Content website




Leeming International Consulting is a Solomon Islands consulting company specialising in communication for development (C4D, ComDev) with a focus on ICT for education, culture and development, community media, new media, mobile technology and ICTs, qualitative and quantitative social science research and participatory development. We also have a history of innovative community and educational use of solar power. The company was established in 2006 by David Leeming and has had clients in several Pacific Islands countries.

Principal Consultant David Leeming has been based in the Solomon Islands since 1996 and has more than 15 years experience in ICT4D and C4D. David brings together media and communications expertise with deep local knowledge and "boots on the ground" in the Pacific Islands and a network of skilled associates.

David's CV and publications list

Appropriation of ICTs by rural communities
Social representations of intangible culture
( and MUEP)

Communication for Development (ComDev)
In a highly mediatised world, ComDev is increasingly important and relevant across many fields of development. ComDev focuses on communication processes based on dialogue, participation, inclusivity, sharing of knowledge and active engagement of the intended groups in the development activity. Communicative processes are inherently social, cognitive and cultural, and understanding this is critical. For instance, ComDev can maximize the impact of development initiatives that involve the implementation of information systems. Subfields of ComDev include CfSC which stresses the intended social changes and C4D, which often utilises new and old media, social media and mobile technology to create positive change through communication campaigns.

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David Leeming,
BSc., MA. ComDev (Malmo)

It's not all work and no play



Palladium Group
Coffey International
Fugro Australia Marine
Opportunity International
Commonwealth of Learning
The Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Star Mountains Institute of Technology, PNG
UNICEF Pacific
Opportunity International
SATSOL Digital TV and Internet
Pacifika Media Association
Government of Vanuatu, TRR
Nauru Government, Department of Education
Pacific Porphyry Ltd
Kacific Broadband Satellites
WebSatMedia, Singapore
PNG Sustainable Development Ltd.
McConnell Dowell - RRR Programme, Solomon Islands
The Nature Conservancy
Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation
Solomon Islands Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Isabel Province Education Division


Leeming International Consulting, P.O. Box 652, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Tel: (677) 747-6396

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